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Who Will the Market Vote For?

Republican presidential candidates will take the stage in Michigan this Wednesday, Nov. 9, to discuss their policies on jobs, taxes, the economy and a range of other issues.

Republican presidential candidates (L-R) former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry
Adrian Sanches-Gonzalez | AFP |Getty Image

Ahead of the debate, which will be presented by CNBC, gathered some facts and figures on the Dow's performance during a Republican or Democratic presidential term. 

There have been 21 U.S. presidents since the Dow's inception back in 1896, 12 Republican and 9 Democrat, with the oval office switching parties 12 times.

So, did the Dow perform better under Republican or Democrat presidents?

Three of the five best percent gains for the Dow, when the index rose more than 100 percent, took place during a Republican presidential term.  On the other hand, four of the five instances when the index posted a loss, also occurred under a Republican administration. 

The largest percent increase for the Dow was under President Calvin Coolidge (R), when the index rose 265 percent, followed by President Bill Clinton (D), with a gain of 225 percent.

On the contrary, the Dow posted its largest percent decline around the Great Depression, when it fell 83 percent while Herbert Clark Hoover (R) was president, followed by a 22 percent loss during President George Walker Bush (R).   

Historically, when the oval office switched to a Republican from a Democrat, the Dow posted an average loss of 4 percent within a year, compared to a 23 percent gain when there was a change to a Democrat from a Republican.

Additionally, the Dow has posted an increase of 73 percent, on average, during a Democratic presidential term, compared to a 47 percent gain for a Republican term.

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