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Who Won the Debate? Students Weigh In

Jennifer Leigh Parker |Writer,
CNBC Speakers' Corner

Who do attendees think won the GOP debate?

From CNBC's"Speakers' Corner," a few students offered their thoughts.

"After tonight, I definitely want to vote for Romney. Cain? I don't know what to believe about his sexual harassment allegations. Romney we know, he's been married to the same woman. Cain is new to the scene, and hasn't been elected to office before," said one OU student.

Immediately post-debate, we're hearing a positive reaction to Romney, and a negative one for Perry.

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"I thought Perry was a big flop. I believe he lost the election in that cycle of questions," said one student. "Rick Perry? I think he's Texas toast," said another.

But apart from picking a winner, these serious students quickly shift topic to their core issues: student loans and the jobs needed to repay them.

"The biggest thing that's important to me is how student loans are funded. I do feel that the onus is too heavily on us students to pay that back. Seventy percent of jobs these days require a four year degree. After tonight, I'm voting for Obama in 2012," says an OU sophomore student.

Outstanding student loan debt is now set to top $1 trillion for the first time this year — which means Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards.

And with a backdrop of over 11 percent unemployment in Michigan, finding a job after graduation is clearly cause for anxiety around here. These students seek the candidate who can offer a solution.