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I trade therefore I am

Angel Irazola

Technicals, candlesticks, quants, fundamentals, vix, leg up, falling knife, dead cat bounce, Soros, Paulsen, Buffet, bulls, bears, hawks, doves, debts, shorts, unholy trinity, and round and round we go. None of it matters and all of it matters. This is the universe the trader lives in – only as good as your last trade.

Seldom has the market seen such polarizing forces playing out at the same time. The bulls continue to cheer record earnings while the bears growl at Europe’s incompetence and America’s silliness. Who ultimately wins is anyone’s guess. While these circumstances might make many investors squeal and sweat, traders on the other hand salivate at such ripe hyper short term opportunities and imbalances. There is no room for apprehension, hesitation or reticence. In the words of the great race car driver Ricky Bobby, “If you aint First your Last.” I think that about sums it up.

The only thing I know for sure is that that guy from Notre Dame has the biggest tie knot I have ever seen! Impressive.  

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