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I'll Endorse GOP Candidate Next Month: Donald Trump

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump played it cagey with CNBC, saying Thursday he won't be endorsing a Republican presidential candidate for another month.

GOP Debate
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"I'll save it for a month or so," he said. "I'll be talking to you guys about it."

That didn't stop him from critiquing the performance of some of the candidates in Wednesday's debate, however.

Trump said Rick Perry's flubas he tried to name the three government departments he would abolish as president "was terrible" and will haunt the Texas governor's campaign.

"It will always be the lede, and when you are in those positions, and we've all been there...you just have to keep talking," Trump said, who said he has talked to Perry many times and "obviously debates aren't his thing."

Trump thought Mitt Romney "did very well" in the debate, as did Herman Cain, considering the controversy over whether or not he committed sexual harrassment when he was president of the National Restaurant Association years ago.

"You talk about pressure, I thought he was really good last night considering the pressure he was under," said Trump. He added the accusations "seem so unfounded."

"Whether you like him or don't like him, it's a pretty scary thing," he said about Cain, adding that if it had been him he'd have hired the "biggest, meanest lawyer around," adding "if this stuff isn't true, sue them immediately because you've got to stop it."

Despite high unemploymentand other economic problems, "you can't take Obama lightly," Trump said. "But if the Republicans come up with the right candidate, I believe that candidate will win."