Small Business

The Small Business Afternoon Report
CNBC Small Business - Around the Web explains, "What's Wrong With Google+ Brand Pages," and why you should still give it a chance.

Fast Company finds out what Lt. Col Martine Kidd learned about leadership by serving in the U.S. Army.

Furor over the Christmas Tree Tax was misguided, but so was the reason for the tax, declares The Atlantic. 

Giving employees an end-of-year bonus? You're in the minority, according to The Wall Street Journal, which based its report on numbers from an American Express Open survey of small businesses.

Good news for future entrepreneurs: Google has agreed to become a global sponsor of Startup Weekend, reports website TechCrunch.

Local businesses affected by the Occupy Wall Street movement around the country are starting their own protests, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

The Huffington Post gives readers a tour of the "Top Cities for Small Business."

What's do they know that you don't? The Arizona Business Gazette looks into its crystal ball for the "10 Small-Business Trends to Know About for 2012."