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Wiki-wiki-wiki — It's the Rick Perry YouTube Remix!

Aw, yeah, a day after Rick Perry’s big gaffe on the CNBC GOP debate, where he couldn’t name the third of three agencies he plans to eliminate if he’s elected president, some YouTube mix master has already uploaded a remix.

GOP Candidate Rick Perry at Presidential Debate

There’s Rick Perry in all of his Oops-dropping glory:

Agencies of government. A-a-a-agencies of government. It’s three … a-a-a-agencies of government …

Commerce, education, and uh …the uh … what’s the third one there …

It’s got a smooth hip-hop backdrop, punctuated by fellow GOP candidate Ron Paul saying Five! Five! Five! (referring to the number of agencies HE would eliminate), moderator John Harwood saying, Seriously? (as in, seriously, you can't remember the third?), alarm sounds, and a young woman saying, Oh my god!

(In case you missed it, click here to watch the original Rick Perry gaffe video.)

The remix was created by John Willie Hallford, an audio-visual freelancer who runs the web site, where he’s video spoofed everyone from Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy to Oprah.

It’s the best thing to hit the Internet since “Series of Tubes,” starring former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.

Thank you, Rick Perry. Thank you, John Wille Hallford. And thank you, series of tubes!

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