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8 Earnings Cramer’s Watching Next Week

What follows is Cramer’s earnings “Game Plan” for the week of November 14.

Monday, November 14

Lowe’s announces its earnings ahead of the bell Monday. If the home improvement retailer reports a good quarter, buy some Home Depot , Cramer said. “When Lowe’s is good, Home Depot is great,” he said. On the other hand, if Lowe’s is bad and takes HD down with it, it could be a fabulous buying opportunity for Home Depot, which reports Tuesday morning.

Retailer JC Penney also reports before the open. It will be the first time we’ll hear from Ron Johnson, the retail genius behind the Apple stores, and the “Mad Money” host is interested what he’ll say in the “most important conference call JC Penney’s ever held.”

Tuesday, November 15

In addition to Home Depot, we’ll also hear from Wal-Mart before the opening bell. WMT has had three good quarters in a row, and Cramer thinks a fourth one is on tap.

On a non-earnings front, Cramer will also be watching the analyst meeting Tuesday. This undervalued, underrated company can tell a great global story of increased oil production and drilling, he said. People hang on CEO Chuck Davidson’s every word, and the words will be bullish for petroleum.

Wednesday, November 16

Before the open, Tyco reports its quarterly results. Like Kraft, which Cramer recommended Thursday, the company is breaking itself up to create more value. If Tyco's quarter is good, Cramer recommends buying the stock.

Thursday, November 17

Ross Stores reports ahead of the bell and Cramer thinks this has been “maybe the finest acting retail out there.” He recommends buying the stock if it dips on any sort of European “fiasco.”

After the close, we’ll hear from . While Cramer thinks the technology company will report a terrific quarter, these days high multiple stocks like CRM have not been able to deliver results that make people feel comfortable. Unless it is down ahead of the quarter, Cramer would stay away.

Friday, November 18

Heinz , which Cramer calls a slow and steady grower with a decent story and decent dividend, announces its quarterly earnings before the bell. Heinz “will not shoot the lights out,” he said, “but it doesn’t have to.”  His only worry is a strong dollar because overseas business matters to this story.

Cramer will also have his eye on the Germany Producer Price Index Friday. A low PPI is a “green light” for the European Central Bank to print new euros and keep buying Italian bonds. 


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When this story was published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Apple and Heinz.

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