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The World's Most Beautiful Airports


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Beijing International Airport, China

Just in time for the 2008 Summer Olympic games, Beijing International added Terminal 3, the largest above-ground airport terminal in the world. The Feng Shui is the creation of British architect Norman Foster, who designed and completed Terminal 3 in four years.

Its soaring aerodynamic roof and dragon-like form celebrate the thrill of flight and evoke Chinese traditional red and gold color scheme and symbols.

"If you are lucky, [you] see the sun glinting off the dragon scales on the spine of the building," says Weston.

The terminal is open to views to the outside and planned under a single unifying roof canopy. Linear skylights are both an aid to orientation and sources of daylight — the color scheme changing from red to yellow as passengers progress through the building.

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Photo: Nigel Young | Foster and Partners