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Chicago’s “Invest For Kids”

Notre Dame Team

Many members of our team went to Chicago’s “Invest For Kids” conference this week (see  The presenting speakers were phenomenal (e.g. Cooperman, Milken, Perry, Zell, etc.) and provided some of their best investment ideas, and we are confident the conference will continue to expand to support its educational causes.  Much thanks to Mendoza and especially Invest For Kids for the opportunity to attend.  We highly recommend next year’s annual meeting.

We think many of our competitor’s blogs have been very insightful with regard to the current market environment.  Whether it’s short- or medium-term forecasting or commenting upon the psychology of the day trader, we here at Notre Dame tend to agree with the sentiment.  Security selection seems irrelevant in this risk-on / risk-off environment.  Playing earnings is simply unpredictable.  Market timing is exceedingly difficult without the ability to stop or limit.  We’re not sure we have anything to add, so we’re going to throw out a few names and look forward to discussion in the comments.

We’ll give you three:  1) GameStop —big short, rumors of new tablet, potential takeover target, still solid FCF (see upcoming Call of Duty sales)?; 2) Apple —competitors finally catching up, new leadership, the premium product/brand, exceedingly high expectations?; 3) Lowes —debate the housing market, impact of shift to renting versus owning?  Give us your best thoughts…

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