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Cramer Highlights MagnaChip Semiconductor Stock

Cramer on Monday highlighted MagnaChip Semiconductor's stock--an under-the-radar, technology pin action play.

MagnaChip is a Korean semiconductor company that primarily makes chips that power the displays in mobile phones, tablets, digital TV sets, notebook computers, flat panel monitors and digital cameras, as well as the popular Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. MagnaChip is a tiny, $298 million company with a stock that trades at around $7. So if the new Samsung Galaxy gets a lot of traction, Cramer thinks it could move the needle for MagnaChip's stock.

Cramer warned viewers that MagnaChip is highly speculative, though. He told viewers not to buy shares after-hours and avoid paying up for this stock, too. Being as it hasn't traded higher than $8 since September, he wouldn't pay more than $7.75 a share.

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