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Occupy Wall Street Plans a Big March for November 17

Demonstrators with 'Occupy Wall Street' continue their protest at Zuccotti Park in New York on November 4, 2011.
Photo: Timothy A Clary | AFP | Getty Images

The Occupy Wall Street movement appears to be planning a big march on November 17th.

"It's Time for the 99% to declare an Economic Emergency. And on November 17th, we'll do just that," a page about the march on Facebook says.

They're calling it "Out of the Park and into the Street." The march will officially begin at Foley Square, a half a mile or so from Zuccotti Park where the Occupy Wall Street movement has been encamped since September.

"November 17th is a national day of action against policies that have enriched the 1% and impoverished the 99%. It is a day to focus the anger of our growing movement on Congress’ failure to create good jobs for the unemployed while at the same time it pursues job-killing budget cuts to pay for more tax cuts for corporations and the rich," the page says.

Sources within the Occupy Wall Street movement tell me they are taking pains to make sure that the protests remain non-violent. They are organizing official "march marshals" who will be trained in dealing with both crowds of protesters and police.

Some, however, are skeptical that things will remain peaceful on November 17th.

"There's a lot of frustration. People want to make something happen. I'm sure there will be people provoking the police to make arrests," one regular at the park told me.

"I'd expect a lot of disruption down in the financial district on November 17th," another said.

At pixel time, 1,098 people said on Facebook that they would attend the march.

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