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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Adds Five New Stocks to Portfolio .. But Buffett Didn't Buy Them


We already knew, thanks to this morning's CNBC interview, that Warren Buffett has been busy buying.

He told Squawk Box that Berkshire Hathaway bought $10.7 billion of IBM common stock this year.

Now that Berkshire's 13-F third quarter filingis public, we know that new portfolio manager Todd Combs has also been doing some buying, although not at the same scale.

We also know that Buffett's purchases of IBM extended into the current quarter.  The 13-F lists 57.3 million shares as of September 30.  Buffett told us this morning that Berkshire owns 64 million shares of IBM, an increase of just under 7 million shares.


Berkshire reports new positions in five stocks, not counting IBM, as of the end of the third quarter.  Since all of them are worth around $200 million, they were almost certainly bought by Combs.  (Buffett repeated this morning that he doesn't personally deal with stakes that small.)

  • DIRECTV: 4,249,400 shares, worth $193.9 million at the close.

  • General Dynamics : 3,064,422 shares, worth $200.1 million at the close.

  • Visa : 2,291,708 shares, worth $215.0 million at the close.

  • CVS Caremark: 5,661,000 shares, worth $219.5 million at the close.

  • Intel : 9,333,000 shares, worth $229.9 million at the close.


Berkshire also reports increased stakes in two other stocks:

  • Dollar General : tripled stake to4,497,247 shares, worth $178.6 million at the close.

  • Wells Fargo : increased stake by 3 percent to 361,369,808 shares, worth almost $9.1 billion at the close.

Wells Fargo is a Buffett stake.  Dollar General is in the Combs portfolio.

Today's 13-F reports a 50 percent increase in shares of Torchmark held by Berkshire.  That, however, is the result of a 3 for 2 stock split that became effective on July 5, just after the start of the third quarter.  It is not the result of new buying by Berkshire.

Update:  This post originally reported, based on the first 13F filing, that Berkshire had doubled its stake in Verisk Analytics .  On November 15, 2011, Berkshire amended its 13F to show its holdings of Verisk shares had not changed from June 30.


Berkshire did do some selling, with significant decreases for two stocks.  The size of these holdings indicates Buffett was responsible.

  • Johnson & Johnson : decreased stake by 12 percent to 37,446,788 shares, worth $2.4 billion.

  • Kraft Foods : decreased stake by 10 percent to 89,746,708 shares, worth $3.2 billion at the close.

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