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How To Launch a Startup in 54 Hours
Startup Weekend

The folks behind the grassroots movement Startup Weekend, where entrepreneurs come together to collaborate on their launch, have just released their first book, "Startup Weekend: How to Take a Company from Concept to Creation in 54 Hours."

From best practices, to organizational values, to tips on how to build communities, products, and companies, the book is full of actionable tips that will help early-stage entrepreneurs move from idea to market quickly and successfully.

Since 2009, over 35,000 entrepreneurs around the world have gone through the Startup Weekend program, according to "Startup Weekend" authors Marc Nager and Franck Nouyrigat.

In's Bullish on Books, the authors take the lessons they gathered from the 35,000 entrepreneurs from around the world who have gone through the Startup Weekend program, and use it to help hopefuls get started on the path of entrepreneurship.

"In just 54 short hours aspiring entrepreneurs pitch ideas, form teams, build code and create business plans, work with seasoned mentors and present viable startup ideas to industry experts."

Among the tips the authors give entrepreneurs are how to work with a team, how to get comfortable with taking risks, and how to find other people like you. Even if it takes more than one weekend to get your company started, this book could be what you need to get your business idea off to a great start.