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Occupy Wall Street Gets Disruptive

Occupt Wall Street Protests
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The Occupy Wall Street movement is planning a major day of action in lower Manhattan Thursday.

The day is slated to begin with a early morning march from Zuccotti Park to the New York Stock Exchange. In the past, police have attempted to prevent protesters from reaching the exchange. So this march has the potential for producing conflict with the police.

At 3 pm, the protesters intend to "Occupy the Subway." The plan is to have groups gather at over a dozen important subway stops. It's not clear whether they plan to disrupt entrance to the subways or the movement of the trains themselves.

The final planned act of the day is a march on the Brooklyn Bridge from Foley Square. The last time the Occupy Wall Street movement marched on the bridge, hundreds were arrested.

All of these protests will need the participation of hundreds of people to be effective. As of this morning, there were only dozens of people still in the park. It's not yet clear if the movement can still marshal the masses needed to be effective.

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