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Cramer’s Green Trade

While people go green to try to conserve energy and save the planet, finding a stock that might go up because the company is doing something green is not an easy task, Cramer said Thursday.

Many green companies have hurdles that make the stocks unattractive at the moment—like relying on government subsidies or being too sensitive to the economy.

One area the “Mad Money” host does like is natural gas, a bridge fuel that burns cleaner than gasoline. But even in that sector there is considerable risk.

“We don't know if the government is going to support the fuel, help it, or work against it,” Cramer said.

However there is one name he thinks that wins either way—Chart Industries. The company makes equipment that liquefies natural gas.

“If you’re looking for a stock that works regardless of whether we use natural gas or export it and you want to be a little green ... then go for GTLS,” he said. “It’s the greener pick and shovel play; it's the greener story that everybody has to use.”

And with the stock down almost $5, it may also be just the time to do some buying.

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