Money in Motion

Euro Slips, Options Point to Worse

Contagion fears rise in Europe and the British go shopping - it's time for your FX Fix.

Soaring yields at a Spanish bond auction raised fears of debt contagion and weighed on the euro. [CNBC]

Think China's $3.2 trillion in forex reserves can wipe out the euro zone's debt problems? Think again. [CNBC]

Foreign exchange optionsindicate that investors expect a sharp fall in the euro over the next month.[WSJ]

Oanda, an online trading platform for retail investors, is advising its clients to move to the sidelines while market is so driven by headlines from Europe. [WSJ]

The British pound strengthened against the dollar after U.K. retail sales unexpectedly rose in October. [Reuters]

The Indian rupee is sinking toward a ten-year low against the dollar on pessimism about the Indian economy. [WSJ]


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