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OK, all you online retailers, get ready for Cyber Monday. The Monday after Thanksgiving is your day to bring in the bucks, and Business News Daily tells you how to "Put Social Media to Work on Cyber Monday."

And for everyone who still likes to mosey on over to the post office, you'll want to read Time magazine's take on the slow death of the U.S. post office.

"Generation Y is Born to Startup" declares Fast Company.

Selena Gomez, startup investor? Mashable reports she she's "put a pile of cash" in a company called Postcard on the Run, which has developed an app that creates photo postcards from your mobile phone. Justin Bieber is probably getting a lot more messages these days.

For all of you multitaskers, The Atlantic has some news for you: There is no such thing as multitasking. You just think you're multitasking, but what you're really doing is several things in quick succession. Really. It's interesting. Read it while you're listening to the news. Or walking the dog. Or maybe when you're doing nothing else.