To Create Jobs, Help Entrepreneurs: Steve Case

Help entrepreneurs and you'll get more than new products — you'll get thousands of new jobs, Steve Case told CNBC Thursday.

"If you’re concerned about the economy and growth, and concerned about competitiveness, and concerned about jobs, the place to focus is on entrepreneurship, said the AOL


With a Nov. 23 deadline looming to find ways to cut the federal deficit, the congressional super committee may be focusing on cutting spending and raising taxes, said Case, but "the third leg of the stool is growth and how do you make sure the economy is growing."

That "comes down to betting on entrepreneurs to build the next companies and the next industries," he said. "That’s really what’s driven America’s success for the past 200 years."

Case, who quipped his "day job" is helping fund new companies as CEO of Revolution, is a member of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and co-chairman of its  innovation and entrepreneurship committee.

Social media companies Living Social and Groupon are "exactly what we need more of in the nation," Case said. Both were started within the past five years, both have innovative products and services, and both have hired thousands of employees, he said. Such growth is needed across all industries and regions beyond Silicon Valley.

Helping small companies grow, go public, and hire more workers is the focus of bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate this week by Chris Coons (D.-Del.) and Marco Rubio (R.-Fla.), Case said.

"Everybody’s sick and tired of this fighting in Washington," said Case, who has been meeting with senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle over the past month. "It’s time to come together on an issue that matters. This nation can rally around entrepreneurs…because they are the job creators."

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