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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Breast Cancer Survivor Was Just Made an MD at Goldman Sachs

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Everyone who knows people at Goldman Sachs always reads the lists of new managing directors or new partners with great interest.

There's a thrill to seeing one of your former classmates or co-workers or clients get tapped for membership in Wall Street's elite. And, sometimes, a spark of envy.

The list of new managing directors that was leaked todaycontained the names of a few people I know. I'd probably better not name them since being friendly with a Wall Street muckraker is probably not looked upon as an asset by the bosses at Goldman.

One name that caught my eye, however, was someone I've never met: Kerry Landreth.

Last year, Landreth became something of the poster patient for a new type of breast cancer treatment. The Wall Street Journal did a long feature that largely revolved around her discovery of a golf-ball sized tumor, and it's rapid destruction thanks to the new treatment.

The WSJ reports that three weeks into chemo she wrote an email to friends: "I got in trouble with my chemo nurse for trying to tough it out this weekend. I didn't think that a 70 min walk, 18 holes of golf (I broke 100) and a little too much heat + a total failure to use the nausea drugs would cause a problem.... oops!"

The story, obviously, has an even happier ending than we knew when the Journal wrote about Landreth last year. Not only did she apparently beat the cancer. She made it to the MD level at Goldman the very next year.

I know we're all supposed to despise "the one percent" these days. But sometimes its nice to have a reminder that there are lots of brave and very bright people at work inside of our investment banks.