Small Business

OWS: Hurting Small Business

While many in the Occupy Wall Street movement say they are representing the small business owners in the fight against corporate greed. But there's one small business owner that begs to differ.

Gene Marks, president of The Marks Group, a consulting firm in Philadelphia, told CNBC today that OWS is targeting many of the companies, and people who work for those companies, that actually help small business people such as himself do business.

"The OWS people are going after big instititions that the small business community relies on," he said. "Small businesses use Citibank and American Express to process payments. It is upsetting to see htem go after the 260,000 employees of Citibank when those people are doing nothing but doing their jobs, and supporting me and my business and providing customer service. They're not the evil corporations that I think sometimes they're portrayed to be."

While Marks concedes that some bank executives may be overpaid, "that's between the shareholders and the bank."