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Warren Buffett Going to Japan for Plant Tour

Warren Buffett is making the trip to Japan that he planned, and postponed, last March.

He had been scheduled to attend a “completion ceremony” on March 22 for a new Tungaloy plant in Fukushima Prefecture.

Tungaloy is owned by Berkshire subsidiary Iscar, a toolmaker headquartered in Israel.

On March 11, the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit the area, prompting Buffett to put off his trip.

Tungaloy says now that “the restoration work accompanying the earthquake disaster” has been completed, Buffett will attend the rescheduled ceremony and tour the plant on Monday, November 21. 

He’s set to hold a news conference afterwards, and is also scheduled for a live interview on CNBC Asia.  You can watch it live on CNBC World in the U.S. and we’ll also be posting the video clip here on CNBC.com.

Japan is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Time, so from the U.S. perspective all this will be happening Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

According to Tungaloy’s website, the facility Buffett will be seeing is an “innovative plant whose concept is completely different from the traditional one.”

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