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Best Picks in the Energy Sector

When faced with a difficult market environment, Jim Cramer likes to fall back on long-term themes that have been working. Take energy, for example. The “Mad Money” host noted there has been a boom in oil and gas production in the U.S. Oil-rich regions of the country, such as the Bakken shale in Western North Dakota or the Eagle Ford shale in Texas, are seeing lots of activity. So regardless of current economic conditions, oil and gas companies are benefitting from the recent drilling boom.

Of course, nervous investors may be hesitant to participate in a volatile market. Instead, Cramer recommends high-yielding energy stocks, which pay investors to wait for the market to calm and the economy to turn around.

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By Drew Sandholm and Bruno J. Navarro
Posted 21 November 2011

Photo: CNBC.com