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I Am So Sick of It: Greenberg

When I heard the super committee had failed to agree to some sort of action all I could say to myself was: I’m so sick of it!

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I’m sick of Europe. I’m sick of the debt crisis. I’m sick of a market driven almost exclusively by the latest macro headline, economic metric and Fed decision.

I’m also sick of market swings of 200 points one way and 300 the other—wildly volatile swings that have become so common they’re almost like white noise.

I’m sick of the Republican debates.

I’m sick of the unseasonably unstable weather.

And I’m sick that the markets don’t really seem to care anymore about what used to matter. (Hint: It wasn’t the ridiculous doomed-to-fail special committee.)

Reality is this: The won’t be what they used to be for a long time—if ever. Too much has changed: Not just the mechanics of investing, thanks to the proliferation of ETFs and high-frequency trading, but also the culmination of decades of countries, counties and people living out of their means.

It’s all finally catching up to us. And it will take years, not months, to resolve itself. (Note I didn’t say, “fix.”)

During that time politicians will be politicians, economists will be economists and traders will have a field day.

And me? Honestly, I am just sick of it.

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