Tiger Woods on the Comeback Trail, Says He's 'Progressing'

It's been two years since Tiger Woods won a major golf tournament, but Sunday he roared back and delivered the winning point for the American team at the President Cup — and with a third-place finish at the Australian Open last week Wood’s has put himself back in the game.

Tiger Woods of the U.S. Team shakes hands with Nick Watney of the U.S. Team after winning his match on the 15th hole during the Day Four Singles Matches of the 2011 Presidents Cup
Photo: Getty Images

“The way I hit the ball in Australia basically is the way I’ve been hitting it at a home, but hadn’t taken to the golf course yet," Tiger Woods told CNBC Monday. "It’s fun to actually be able to hit the ball like that in a tournament situation, under pressure.”

Tiger did point out that the pressure he feels on the course is “always internal," and that it’s "so much fun to be in the hunt and to see what I’ve got."

"We lose more than we win, so you can always go back and learn from it, and apply it. And when you do win, ‘Why did I win?’, and you go ahead and tear it apart and figure out why I did that," explained Woods.

However, Tiger is still developing as a player. “I went through a period of time there where I was struggling for a bit because I was hurt, wasn’t able to practice, was finally able to basically turn around here … and things are now starting to progress. I played well in Australia and I’m really looking forward to my tournament next week out there [in Los Angeles]."

In the last six weeks, Wood's has signed big endorsement deals with Rolex and Fuse Science, a small company that focuses on energy and body replenishment products.

“By partnering with the most global iconic athlete on the planet. Tiger really revolutionized the game of golf, and together we are going to revolutionize the way consumers receive medicine, vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients," Fuse Science CEO, Adam Adler, said in the joint interview.
Tiger also has had long-term deals with Nike and Electronic Arts.

Woods is currently ranked number 50 in the world, but is hoping to rise again in the ranks.

"It's a process...It's just a matter of putting it together over a longer period of time. Playing my tournament next week [in Los Angeles] has more tournament points. So if I play well I'll be able to climb, and going into next year, and obviously play well in all the big events and major championships."

In terms of life, Tiger said “life’s been good. My kids are just doing great, actually tonight I’m taking Sam to ballet and dance. That’s just one of the great things about life.”

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