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Survey: ObamaCare Not My Problem
Jill Fromer | Photodisc | Getty Images

A new survey from Newtek Business Services released today reveals small business owners’ concerns on health insurance and how they feel about potential changes in the system should ObamaCare be enforced.

A large majority of respondents — 88 percent — said they do not think the Federal government should force state residents to purchase health insurance; and only 9 percent of the 1,100 surveyed say they believe they will have to purchase health insurance from the government under the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act.

“I’m not going to forecast whether ObamaCare will make it, but I don’t think business owners are looking at this realistically,” warns Barry Sloane, chairman, president and CEO of The Small Business Authority, part of Newtek.

“If the Federal government, under the act, believes private insurers should not exist based upon pricing premium received versus coverage offered, they effectively could eliminate this private sector business model.”

Sloane says that part of the reason small businesses are not thinking about changes in health care policies is that the proposed changes are another year out. “This is a 2013-2014 event,” said Sloane. “They’re not putting a lot of time into thinking about it when they’ve got so many other things to think about.”

“The Supreme Court may rule the individual mandate and other parts of ObamaCare are unconstitutional,” says Sloane. In which case, “this would prove our survey participants somewhat clairvoyant.”