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The Washington Post examines whether the millionaire's tax would indeed be the "job-killing tax hike on small businesses," that some claim it will be.

U.S. small businesses created 55,000 jobs in November, according to a survey by payroll processing company Intuit.

Virtual assistant apps are creating a job market for micro-employees— the underemployed and unemployed who are willing to take one-off jobs, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Need to change your Twitter handle? Mashable tells you how to do it without losing your followers. Of course, if you're like many Twitter account holders, you don't have to worry because you never used your original Twitter account.

What you think of as 15 days isn't what the federal government thinks of as 15 days, at least according to the rules of the QuickPay program, which was supposed to pay government employees in a more timely manner, reports The New York Times.