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Father and Son Pro Athletes

Professional sports are full of sons who have taken up the mantle of their fathers and gone into the family business. There’s Bobby and Barry Bonds. There’s Archie Manning, who spawned a professional football dynasty in his sons Eli and Peyton. And then there’s the Ken Griffeys and the Cal Ripkens, junior and senior.

Unlike some who follow their fathers into the family business, none of these pro athlete sons can be accused of gaining their careers through nepotism. They may have famous pedigrees that make coaches interested in them initially, but the fact is they still have to be able to cut it on the playing field or on the court, or they’ll simply get cut from the team. Fans and shareholders will see to that.

Who are some professional athlete fathers whose sons have followed in their footsteps? Click ahead and find out.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 01 December 2011

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