Predictions 2012

Jim Cramer's Scorecard For 2011

Here are the five questions we put to "Mad Money"Jim Cramer last year, his predictions for how they would play out in 2011, and how they stood the test of time.

How he'd do? Well, he'll always have the Philadelphia Phillies.

Question: What is your biggest fear for the coming year?

Cramer: That Obama will keep tacking left not right and alienate more people, rather than being the big tent guy I thought he was. He did.

Question: Will China continue to grow at 10 percent in 2011?

Cramer: Six million people in 34 cities? How can they not? It did.

Question: Will one of the European PIIGS go broke?

Cramer: None. The luck of the Irish and the guts of the Portuguese will make the difference, plus the IMF always gets its man. Oops—Greece, but it didn’t “default”.

Question: Will Facebook go public in 2011?

Cramer: They better. They missed the window and they should have gone public. But they are still doing very well.

Question: Who will win the 2011 World Series?

Cramer: Phillies, of course. The only answer I have genuine conviction in. In my mind they did.