Predictions 2012

The Fab Five on the Big Picture

Those in the predictions business canlook back on 2011with a measure of self-satisfaction.

Among the "I told you so's": the U.S. debt ceiling death hug in Congress shook investors; the EU debt crisis moved like a roller coaster, and the ebb and flow of China's economic growth functioned like a light switch for the markets.

Arguably, all those issues will remain with us in 2012, but what came with exclamation points in 2011 carry question marks this year. What's more, the issues seem larger and the stakes higher.

(And, yes, some of our predictions were doozies.)

The world of finance lends itself to predicting more than many others; it's ripe for pro and con, positive and negative, up and down, stronger and weaker. Our prognosticators will not disappoint in that regard. CNBC anchors, reporters, editors and bloggers are often as opinionated as they are knowledgeable.

Once again, we asked ourFab Five to weigh in on five questions, what we call The Big Picture: Maria Bartiromo, Jim Cramer, Larry Kudlow, Joe Kernen and Pete Najarian.(BTW: They all scored pretty well last year.)

We've also assembled another edition of the boldest predictions from our participants. Based on what they say, there's plenty for investors to keep an eye on in the year ahead.

The similarities to last year, however, end there. Predictions 2012 is deeper and better organized. We've addedcategories(industries, investments, issues) and a scorecard page for last year's predictions. You can access everything by subject orperson. And, of course, you can still comment.

So, see what the future may bring.