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When You Wish Upon A Star

I celebrate my birthday today. As I will blow out the ever-expanding number of candles on birthday cake tonight, I will have a list of wishes I want to come true:

1. Health, happiness, prosperity, and joy to my family, friends, and loved ones. It has not been an easy year.

2. Continued success of "The Kudlow Report" (I had to).

3. Continued feisty debates for President ; on some nights it is better than what is on Netflix.

4. A real solution to the Euro crisis. The ones being offered by the central banks mask deeper cultural issues that have yet to be solved.

5. An end to the Euro crisis so that Italy doesn’t become super-expensive for Americans who just might want to celebrate their birthday there.

6.Greece should learn the word austerity.  They created the word aust?rós

7. The United States and the states within it learn the word austerity.

8. Mac OS-X Lion version of Quicken so that I can finally figure out my federal, state, and local taxes.

9. Herman Cain’s 999 plan comes to fruition on the platform at the Republican National Convention. Number nine on my list.  (Also makes #8 easier.)

10.The President actually admits he is in full re-election mode. It’s okay, we all know it anyway.

11.Mitt Romney finds the AGGRESSIVE button in his pocket.

12.Chris Christie doesn’t run for President. In election mode, he won’t be so frank, and we need him to be the Statler and Waldorf of the Obama Administration.

13.Hillary Clinton rethinks the idea of leaving politics and becomes Vice Presidential candidate. That would mix it up!

14. Dinner with Bill Clinton. I still find him the most fascinating person in politics.

15. Rudy Giuliani runs for Mayor of New York. The present stable just isn’t good enough. An electrifying forceful individual is needed to boost financial services firms to come back to Wall Street.

16.Occupy Wall Street get cleaned out of Zuccotti Park.  There are better ways to protest. (Whoops, that wish has already come true).

17. More blizzards and hurricanes in the Northeast to top last year’s.  There’s nothing like sleeping on an air mattress while 80 mile-an-hour winds whip the windows.

18. One of the airlines develops a no kids under 18, no on-board baggage flights. You quickly go in, you quickly go out. I’d pay top dollar.

19. While we’re at the airport, a TSA line that is like a supermarket express checkout line. Just one or two items. Again, you quickly go in, you quickly go out.

20. A better way to boost our infrastructure other than an infrastructure bank . It’s an insult that roads in Azerbaijan are in better shape that the ones in the United States.

21. Abolishing labor unions from public work projects. Watch what happens when thousands of jobs are posted without public union intervention.  It would bring the unemployment rate down several points.

22. Increasing Internet bandwidth in some of our major cities. For European cities to be better wired than some American cities throws us back to Alexander Graham Bell times in comparison.

23. The federal government rethinks its health care priorities to put solving cancer as number one. Obamacare clearly isn’t working out.

24. One of the American companies comes up with a luxurious yet sporty American car that would rival the BMW. New cars like the Mini Cooper and the Fiat 500 are cleaning the clocks on one small car sector and they were only recently introduced.

25. Israel figures out what to do with the new Facebook Revolution Arab countries. Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya could be emerging economic markets if they would shake their enmity just a bit and take the lessons learned by the Israelis.  

26.Facebook admits its new layout is just too confusing and offers a Classic Facebook layout.

27. Someone in the next year will invent a machine one could buy or rent that would scan thousands of pictures at once instead of individually scanning them.

28. More time in the day, just to be able to exercise in the middle of the day.

29. [private]

So 29 candles, plus one for good luck. (And yes, it should be more than 29, but that’s all I’ll admit to counting.)

I’ve made a wish. Several of them. 

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