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You Decide — Stupid or Cool? Check Out These 10 Gift Ideas

Have a friend who would squeal with joy at receiving bacon-scented soap? How about a relative who’s always dreamed of owning a Barack Obama Chia pet?

Barack Obama Chia Pet

Well, you’re in luck. Retailers are selling another batch of gag gifts this year that may be perfect for those on your list whose sense of humor is slightly off the beaten path.

But we’re still on the fence about whether these gifts are on the cool side of stupid or the stupid side of cool. It’s a tough call.

We’ve scoured the Web, searching everywhere from to the aptly named to the Home Shopping Network, to find some ideas for the jokester on your list.

Many gifts were pretty far-fetched, but mostly they just made us giggle.

We came up with 10 of the wackiest gift ideas for the upcoming holidays — everything from instant underpantsto a Harry Potter remote control.

But as we said, it’s a close one. So, you pick: stupid or cool?

Click through these 10 gift ideas and vote.

French Fry Lip Balm

If you’re like us, the holiday desserts are way too tempting this time of year. We could eat countless slices of pumpkin and sweet potato pie. Although it seems like sweets are lurking around every corner you turn this time of year, we still get cravings for our old fast-food standbys, especially French fries.

Enter: the French fry lip balm. Hiding in the tube are 0.16 ounces of fry-smelling goodness without the guilt. Yum!

For $2.99 (or roughly the cost of actual fries), you can have hours of fast-food-esque enjoyment.

Bacon Soap

Bacon Soap

Do you often accidentally mix up your morning bacon and bar of soap in the shower and subsequently get out smelling like pork?

Yeah, it’s never happened to us either, but this product’s manufacturers think you’ll be interested in smelling like Wilbur the Pig minus the greasy feeling of bathing in bacon fat.

For the small price of $5.99, you too can smell fresh off the farm when you get fresh out of the shower.

Obama Chia Pet

Presidential Chia Pets

Ch-ch-ch-chia has embraced O-O-Obama. If you don’t feel like shelling out the cash to commission a painting of the president or one of our Founding Fathers, don’t be dismayed. For only $19.95, you can buy a work of patriotic installation art — a piece from the Proud to be American Chia Series. In addition to Obama, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty are also available.

Now, that’s a gift we can believe in!

Instant Underpants

Instant Underpants

How many times have you been caught without a clean pair of underpants? Whether you spent a night away from home unexpectedly or had some unfortunate accident, it happens.

Well, problem solved. Just add water to this $4.95 gift, and you’ll instantly be the proud new owner of a wearable pair of underpants. We're pretty sure that means they’ll be wet once you put them on, but you could always go commando while they dry out.

According to website, Instant Underpants are unisex and fit most children and small adults. Only one question remains – boxers or briefs?

Harry Potter TV Remote

Magical TV Remote

Have you been searching stores to no avail to find the ideal gift for your Harry Potter fanatic? Well, scour no longer! For $89.99, you can channel (no pun intended!) your inner wizard with a magic wand that doubles as a programmable TV remote. The wand can perform a total of 13 magical functions, including changing the channel, turning up the volume and using other electronic devices, such as an iPod or DVD player.

This gift could be just the one for the Muggles in your life.

Shark-Bite Oven Mitt

Shark-Bite Oven Mitt

If you have a friend who’s glued to the Food Network like white on rice, you may be wondering what to buy your budding Giada De Laurentiis. Look no further — a shark bite oven mittcould be the key to checking that culinary enthusiast off your shopping list. One reviewer called the mitts "fun"ctional, and we think that user might have nailed it.

And at $14.99, this gift won’t take too big of a bite out of your wallet.

Ninja Cookie Cutters

Ninja Cookie Cutters

Although parents always say, "Don’t play with your food," these Ninja cookie cutters do the horsing around for you. Young bakers can rearrange these ninja warriors into fight scenes before setting them out for Santa to find on Christmas Morning.

Sporting a $5.49 price tag, these cookie cutters won’t be a kick in your wallet either.

iStuck Phone Stand

iStuck Phone - iPod Stand

A stand that holds smartphones, Apple iPods or any other PDA device upright? iWant! Instead of having to fiddle to pick up your phone to dial Santa about your wish list or to see what holiday jingle is playing, the iStuck lets you prop up your electronic device easily.

Order today, or you could be stuck without one.

Blade Runner Umbrella

Blade Runner Umbrella

Getting caught in the rain can put a real damper on the day. That is, until this light-up umbrella came on the scene. Now, you can indulge your inner Blade Runner while also keeping your spiffy new outfit from getting drenched.

Aspiring Replicant fighters can choose between lighting the dark streets with a blue or white light — batteries included!

Jersey Shore Ornaments

Jersey Shore Ornaments

Always dreamed of sharing your Christmas with the cast of the Jersey Shore? Well, apparently you're not alone. The Home Shopping Network has already sold out of these three-piece ornament sets of the infamous cast of guidos and guidettes. For $24.95, consumers snapped up miniatures of Mike "The Situation," Snooki and Pauly D. But perhaps if demand is strong enough (and judging by the upcoming Jan. 5 premiere of the show's fifth season, it could be), HSN will sell another batch!

After hitting the holiday and office parties this season, The Situation's abs could be the only six-pack left in your house.

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