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Homes of 1990s Stars

Hey, remember the 1990s? It was a time of many requests to “not go there,” and entreaties to “talk to the hand,” or simply a time to mindlessly chant “JER-RY! JER-RY!” over and over.

The ‘90s don’t seem so long ago, but it was long enough ago for fortunes and careers to change: Vanilla Ice became a house flipper, while MC Hammer lost his house, shirt, and Hammer pants when he went broke.

Some ‘90s stars of pop culture were able to parlay their fame into continuing success, and so we see their mansions, estates, penthouses, and compounds pop up regularly on the market. Rommy Revson, the inventor of that definitive ‘90s hair accessory, the Scrunchie, seems to have done rather well for herself, considering she just put her Palm Beach, Fla., estate on the market for almost $4.4 million.

Of the following homes of ‘90s stars (most shown using photos provided by Realtor.com), most are located in California, but there are a few outliers in Idaho and Colorado. Click ahead to see them all.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 2 December 2011