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Donald Trump: My Debate Will Be Different

Donald Trump wants to do something different when he moderates a Republican presidential debate in Iowa later this month.

Donald Trump

“Seldom is the word OPEC mentioned, seldom are other things mentioned that are hurting our country badly,” the real estate mogul and reality TV star told CNBC's Larry Kudlow Friday.

“It will be a candid debate,” he said. “It will also talk about social issues and lots of other issues. But I’d like to hear some of the things that we haven’t been hearing ... We’re being eaten alive from the outside. Things we used to do great we don’t do great anymore and I’d like to have people talk about it.”

Trump is partnering with conservative magazine Newsmax to moderate the debate in Des Moines on Dec. 27, a week before the state holds the first-in-the-nation caucus. All the GOP contenders have been invited to participate.

While he’ll be in charge, Trump would like to have other experts on board to ask additional questions. And he didn't rule out jumping in to chide the candidates if he doesn't like what he's hearing.

Trump said he would wait until after the debate to endorse a candidate, but indicated he would like to make the announcement before the Iowa caucus.

In fact, Trump said he already met with several of the GOP candidates and plans to meet with former House Speaker Monday.

If the candidate he chooses doesn't get the nomination, Trump said he may reconsider running.

“If that somebody doesn’t make it and if somebody gets in that I disagree with a lot and if the economy continues to be bad, which I think it probably will, then I would certainly consider [entering the race],” he told Kudlow.

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