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OH Treasurer: Drilling is a Win, Win, Win

Cramer Spouts Off on Natural Gas

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, also a candidate for U.S. Senate, believes drilling for oil and gas in the Utica shale is a “win, win, win” for the state and the country, he told “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer Friday.

“This is one of those issues that could put America at a competitive advantage in the global marketplace,” he said. “It can wean us off of dependence on foreign oil, it will improve our national security, and its jobs right here in the heartland.”

Cramer agrees. He’s made it his mission to support natural gas in the U.S. as an alternative fuel. But both Mandel and Cramer say they are frustrated by the lack of response from Washington.

“The President doesn’t like it because it’s a fossil fuel," Cramer said. “And Congress is just too darned dysfunctional to promote natural gas even if they wanted to, especially given the outsized influence of the coal lobby.”

To see Cramer’s full conversation with Josh Mandel, watch the video.

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