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The New York Times' "Your The Boss" column has a great post looking at how small businesses can get a lot of mileage from hosting quirky grand opening events.

Yesterday, we posted a short item about "Where Do Entrepreneurs Get Their Money?" It's part of a series of animated sketchbooks that explain entrepreneurial innovation and processes. There are several more in the series. You can find them here.

For those of you who were just getting to the end of your to-do list: USA Today's Strategies column tells business owners three thingsthey should do in December to get ready for the new year.

If today's unemployment numbers are any indicator, and hiring is on the rise, more employees are going to be getting their resumes into shape as they job hunt in 2012. Fast Company reports on a survey indicating that 84 percent of respondents say they will look for jobs in the new year, and offers employers advice to keep talent from walking out the door.

Business News Daily reports on another survey that says an estimated 21 million Americans say they are plannning to change jobs in the new year. The reason? Bad management in their current jobs. Something for managers to think about as they plan year-end bonuses and promotions?