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Dennis Gartman: Strong Stocks May Weaken Gold


If the stock market continues to climb, will gold continue to fall?

As U.S. gold futures dropped $16.80 Monday, closing at $1,734.50, investment pro Dennis Gartman said that’s exactly what’s happening.

Is Gold Losing It's Shine?

“It’s interesting to see that gold had been gaining upon stocks for a long period time, and suddenly over the course of the past three weeks, four weeks or so, gold began to weaken,” he said. “I think what we have going on here is, as the year is coming to an end and as a lot of stock portfolio managers, who do own some gold, find themselves behind benchmarks. I think you saw them today swapping out of gold, moving into the stock market.

“This may be something that prevails for the rest of the month,” he added.

Trader Tim Seymour asked if platinum should outperform in light of projections of record auto sales wordwide in 2012.

Platinum is a crucial component in its manufacture.

“We need to pay more attention to what’s going on in catalytic converters,” Gartman said. “I’ve been toying with the idea of owning platinum, being short of gold.”

He added that even so, he wasn’t ready to make that trade.

In response to a question about silver from trader Stephen Weiss, Gartman said platinum and palladium were better trades.

“I don’t trade silver,” Gartman said. “The volatility of silver scares me just too much.”

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