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Gillian Tett Is the FT's Most Valuable Lunch Date

Photo:Doug Ellis

If you want to have lunch with the Financial Times' columnist Gillian Tett, it will cost you at least £1,280.00 ($2,000).

She's the most valuable lunch date in the FT's second annual lunch-for-charity drive.

Beginning last year, the FT started raising money for charity through online auctions that send winners to lunch with one of its columnists at a fancy restaurant. As you might expect, most of the venues are in the U.K. Tett's lunch, however, is at Le Bernadin in Manhattan.

"Proceeds from the online auction — kindly hosted by eBay from Dec. 1 to 11 — will go to the FT’s seasonal appeal to readers, which this year is in aid of Sightsavers, a charity that fights blindness in the developing world," the FT explains.

Tett at Le Bernadin is closely followed by Martin Wolf at the Greenhouse in London, which is currently at £1,220 ($1,911). Lunch with Lucy Kellaway at £1,140 ($1,786). No other FT writer commands more than one thousand pounds.

For New Yorkers, lunch with Vanessa Friedman, the fashion editor of the FT, seems like a good deal. There are just three bidders and the price is currently still at the minimum for any of the lunches, £250 ($392).

Someone should take pity on Hong Kong-based FT journalist David Pilling. Lunch with him at The Principal in Hong Kong is the only one to receive no bidders at all.

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