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Biggest Winners of the Rally: Sell Them on the Spike?


U.S. stocks are up nearly 9 percent in the past seven trading sessions, posting their largest seven-day streak since October 2011.   

The S&P 500 is up 8.6 percent from November 25, when the market traded near a two-month low.

Similarly, the Dow is up 918 points, or 8.2 percent, during the same period, while the Nasdaq is up 8.5 percent (mid-cap and small-cap companies have spiked 9.6 and 12 percent respectively.  

Heightened volatility in the market has been accentuated by sharp moves in three sectors: financials, energy and materials. 

Indeed, these three groups accounted for the largest percent gains during October's rally, the largest percent drops during November's decline, and are now back leading the spike in the last seven trading sessions.

See Which Stocks are Leading the Rally

The table below highlights the best-performing stocks in the top sectors in the past seven sessions.  Some of these companies displayed sharp swings since October, while others have maintained their ground.

Source: CNBC Analytics and Capital IQ

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