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Dennis Gartman: Bank Stocks Hit Bottom On Downgrades


RecentS&P bank downgrades mean that financial stocks have hit bottom, investment pro Dennis Gartman said Wednesday on “Fast Money.”

“When they rang that bell on Thursday evening, downgrading, that was it,” he said. “It happens too many times. I’ve been at this for 35 years. I’ve seen this happen before. It’s happening again. It’ll happen again in the future.”

Gartman: Long Gold & Equities, Short Euro

The publisher of The Gartman Letter said this will bear out six months from now.

As for Gartman’s move away from gold in favor of equities, which was widely publicized earlier in the day, he clarified it was a shift, not a liquidation.

“It wasn’t that gold bothered me. It’s that equities are starting to do the right things, and given the valuations you have, given the corporate balance sheets in the United States, the cash that’s on hand, I thought, you know what I’d rather do? I’d rather own real assets rather than gold,” he said. “So at the margin, I’m moving a bit.”

Gartman said he swapped half of his gold positions for equities.

“I think the trade next year is to be long equities, long gold, short the euro in equal dollar amounts in both sides. I’ve got that trade on,” he said.

MF Global Effects

Gartman, who is on the Kansas City Board of Trade, said the failure of MF Global Holdings might create a ripple effect.

“We could have some problems next year in the production of crops because farmers use the derivatives markets to price their production and they don’t have that right now,” he said. “You have created confusion amongst farmers, who use derivatives to hedge. Anytime you create confusion, you get problems.”

Gartman also had harsh words for the over its role.

“Now what is CFTC doing coming into this circumstance? CFTC said, ‘We’re the ones responsible.’ And the first questions you had from CFTC were, ‘Oh, we didn’t realize there were an equal number of longs and shorts in the futures markets. Is that really true?’ I mean, it was astonishing the ignorance and the stupidity of some of the regulators at the beginning of this,” he said.

Amid the traders’ talk of top trades, Gartman weighed in on IBM, which saw a 34.70 percent increase in its share price from last year.

“Do you know any of your buds who own it? No,” he said. “And should they? Absolutely. It keeps making new highs. Strongest stock up there, and I bet none of us own it.”  

Trader Joe Terranova said he expected IBM stock to hit $200 per share. “That’s how I’m playing it.”  



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