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Albert Pujols Deserves Free Agency Payday from Angels

Albert Pujols
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What do athletes owe the fans? That's the question many in St. Louis are asking today.

Some fans think it's delivering the goods and boy has Albert Pujols done that.  But some fans think that they're owed eternal loyalty.

That's not fair.

It's not fair to LeBron James and it's not fair to Albert Pujols.

Athletes deserve to go somewhere to get more money and they deserve to go somewhere where they think they can better win a title. That doesn't mean that it's always the right decision.

Are Mike Hampton's children better educated because of the Colorado school systems? For a guy who has already earned $104 million in his career, is it worth it for Pujols to join the Angels instead of going back to the Cardinals for a $30 million difference? I don't know. I'm sure everyone in Cardinal land is asking, how much money is enough? What I can tell you is that Pujols will never make up that $30 million just by being a lifelong Cardinal.

What we learned from "The Decision," is that fans want respect. They are definitely owed that for their decision to buy jerseys and tickets. Fans

So what does a team owe us fans? Some will undoubtedly blame the Cardinals today for dropping the ball. But didn't the team give us fans what we want? Two titles in six years.

Who are we to tell them that spending whatever it takes is good business? Isn't it reasonable to allow a team to operate as a rational business?

Albert Pujols is now with the Angels. And He has the right to be there.

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