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Spadena Witch House

Location: Beverly Hills, California
Price: $1.3 million in 1998, current estimate $2.872 million
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Square Footage: 3,970

This famous Storybook-style house has a few names: Spadena House, the Witch House, and it’s also called the Hansel & Gretel House. It was built in 1921 by Hollywood art director Harry Oliver and originally served as office space and dressing rooms for silent filmmaker Willat Studio. The next occupants were the Spadena family, hence the name, but there are no official records of any witches or Hansel and Gretel in residence. By the late 1990s, the home had fallen to ruin and was nearly razed, but it was recently rehabilitated, including restoring a once filled-in moat, with the help of another Hollywood art director, Nelson Coates.

Bobak Ha'Eri | Creative CommonsInsets: Katherine O. | Yelp.com