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10 Stocks for Kids Under 10

There's nothing more gratifying than seeing your child's face light up when you give him or her the perfect present for the holidays. Oh wait, yes, there is: Seeing them succeed their whole lives! And guess how you make that happen? You teach your kids about money and investing as young as possible, Jim Cramer said.

The earlier you start, the better off they will be. So this year, instead of buying your kid the hottest toy that's going to make her friends drool, consider giving the gift that could keep on giving — stocks! Here are Cramer’s 10 stocks for 2012 for kids under age 10, or under 100 for that matter!

Note: All of these stocks are great examples of those that could be held for several years. That doesn't mean you can afford to skip the homework. In fact, Cramer picked big names that kids are likely to recognize precisely because it makes the homework easier. If you want to educate your children about money and investing, these stocks are just what you're looking for.

By Drew Sandholm and Tom Brennan
Posted 12 December 2011

When this story was published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Apple and Viacom.

Photo: CNBC.com