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Divorced Couples Who Worked Together

When a couple divorces, it’s rarely as simple as one person packing a suitcase and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Lawyers are hired, assets are divided and child custody is negotiated. A painful process, to be sure, but those enduring it can sometimes escape at work, an oasis of distraction where personal problems can be ignored for eight hours a day.

This is not an option when a divorced couple works together. As stressful as this situation likely is, some divorced couples roll up their sleeves, put on a stiff upper lip and deal with seeing the ex at the office every day. Yes, some couples who have ended their marriages have also decided to hang on to their exes in a professional capacity.

Some of these couples are coworkers in name only, sharing ownership of a business entity and communicating strictly through lawyers and underlings. Others have adjoining desks. And some go on 300-day international stadium tours together to promote a million-selling album. Click ahead to see who some of them are.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 12 December 2011

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