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Luxury for Less This Holiday

This holiday season, with uncertainty prevailing in the global economy, shoppers may be searching for cheaper alternatives to the high-end fashion houses, while still wanting to retain a feel for their favorite brands.

Luxury fashion houses are tapping into this sentiment through less expensive, secondary lines that allow them to reach out to a younger consumer, without compromising their reputation. The "main line" or "first line," which establishes the brand, is usually much pricier than the second line or even third line. Often the second line will contain many similarities to the main collection, but be produced in a different country and overseen by a different designer.

Luxury retailers are also continuing the trend of collaborating with more affordable stores, offering a taste of their brand to a wider consumer segment.

Click ahead for some of the best luxury for less items available this holiday season.

By Bianca Schlotterbeck
Posted 12 December 2011

Photo Credit: Tony Latham Photography / Getty Images