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5 Most Shorted Big Bank Stocks

Dan Freed|Senior Staff Reporter

TheStreet compiled the following results using Bloomberg data, focusing on banks in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

Here's what we found.

5. Comerica is fifth most shorted , with a ratio of 3.32. Comerica shares are down 36.65 percent year to date.

4. People's United Financial is fourth most shorted, with a ratio of 3.37. People's United shares are down 6.4 percent year to date.

3. Hudson City Bancorp is third most shorted, with a ratio of 3.91. Hudson City shares are down 51.25 percent year to date.

2. Zions Bancorp is second most shorted, with a ratio of 5.23. Zions shares are down 35.9 percent year to date.

1. M&T Bank Corp. (MTB) leads the pack in this category of dubious distinction, with a ratio of 5.59. M&T shares are down 13.11 percent year to date.

Bank of America bulls have had an awfully tough year, with shares down 56.92 percent through last week.

At least investors in the bank can take some solace in the fact that Bank of America has the lowest short interest ratio of the banks in the S&P 500 at just 0.65 percent.

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