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At Fresh All Time Highs, Can These Winners Continue to Gain?


The pros have been saying in this market stick with what’s working. In other words play the market leaders not the laggards, the leaders are continuing to perform.

However, with McDonald’s, Yum Brands and Starbucks all making new highs on almost a weekly basis, should you really stick with these names for much longer?

Trader Steve Cortes thinks in the case of McDonald's, Yum and Starbucks you can, in fact, 'stick with what's working' for at least a little while longer. He sees tailwinds for these stocks simply because “food prices have come down a lot. We’ve hit new lows for the years on the spot price of soybeans and coffee. That’s great news for these firms.”

”And what’s the other big component for these firms?" Cortes asks. "It’s wages. And wages are also depressed. I see the current environment as a very good environment for these stocks; as well as other low-priced food purveyors and coffee stores.”

However, if you're not already in these names, Cortes wouldn't establish new positions just yet. He thinks the market is due for a broad pullback.  But on a dip, he's a buyer.

Trader Stephen Weiss is on the other side - at least when it comes to McDonald’s. “There’s only so much they can grow sales. Looking at their international business. I think the weaker euro is going to hurt their bottom line.”

Yum however, may be a different story because it has less exposure to Europe. Weiss sees Yum as primarily a play on the US and China, where most of their stores are. “This one can keep growing,” says Weiss.

In case you're wondering on Monday's Fast at 5, trader Guy Adami said much the same - stick with what's working - names like MCD and Yum - that is if you’re a trader.

However, if you’re a retail investor who isn’t nimble, Karen Finerman had words of caution. "If you don't trade in and out of positions, long MCD and Yum! may not be for you. For both the drivers have been overseas growth – if that slows I think both stocks have extra room to fall.”


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