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What They're Googling Now


Wanna know what's on the minds of Americans? Look at what they're searching for on Google.

It's not all porn.

This holiday, Google tells me it's seeing a big jump in searches for "fake snow" or "faux snow" -- up 25 percent in a year.

Not surprising, people in Florida are at the top of the list, as many try to transform their tropical yards into something out of A Christmas Carol.

However, in a twist, Google says the top five regions searching for fake snow include Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Wow! Where’s the real snow? Apparently winter’s coming late to the north. Google says advertisers are noticing the jump in interest and are trying to exploit it. I typed in "fake snow" on Google, and up popped ads for Artificial Snow in a Boxand The Original Insta-Snow, which actually looks pretty fun.

Then there's the Christmas tree.

Why drive to the tree lot to pick out one, or trudge into the forest to cut one down? Where's the fun in that? That requires leaving your house, breathing fresh air, getting into the Christmas spirit. Google can save you from all of that. Searches for "Christmas tree delivery" are up over 90% in a year, and "online Christmas trees" searches are up 40 percent. The top states for this are New York and Texas. Google reps say that online tree suppliers are seeing a "huge uptick" in interest.

Finally, people apparently don't want to wait until Christmas Eve for Santa to visit, nor do they want to go see him at the mall.

Google searches for "hire Santa" are up 20 percent over the last year. "Book Santa" searches are up 30 percent. Type those terms into the Google search box--as I did--and be prepared for a sleigh-full of ads. My favorite is, which promises "Real bearded Santas" nationwide, plus a tie in with Bass Pro Shops. Because nothing says Christmas like Santa and fish.

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