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Statutory holidays: 25
Public holidays: 12

Despite Greece’s ongoing economic crisis, which has led to drastic salary cuts and austerity measures, the country still ranks within the top 10 nations when it come to vacation entitlements for workers.

Employees who have completed 10 years of service with the same employer or 12 years with different employers are entitled to 25 days of paid leave a year. Greek workers also have the second highest number of total working days off in the year (statutory holidays plus public holidays) at 37.

These generous benefits could come to an end with the IMF arguing that the government needs to do more to find cost savings and reduce its debt. The government has already cut public sector wages, with union groups claiming that salaries of state employees have been reduced as much as 70 percent in the past two years. Government figures show that nearly 10 percent of Greece’s 3.5 million private-sector workers have taken pay cuts. Last month, Greek unemployment hit a euro-era record high of 18.4 percent.

Photo: Getty Images