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Easy High-Paying Jobs

What makes a job an easy one? That depends. Some are easy because they offer minimal contact with the public. Others, because they don’t require an advanced degree. Still others, because the spectacular beachfront location of the office makes it impossible to dwell on the downsides for too long.

Unfortunately, one downside that’s next to impossible to overlook is a low salary. If you’re struggling to make rent and subsisting on a diet of Ramen noodles, it doesn’t matter if you have free access to the company sauna. But is it possible that there are jobs with flexible hours, fantastic locations and copious vacation time that also net a decent paycheck?

What follows is a list of jobs with the potential for high pay and low stress. Click ahead and see what some of them are.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 20 December 2011

Fuse | Getty Images