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2. “The Biggest Loser”

Product placement occurrences: 533
Episodes in 2011: 34
Network: NBC

“The Biggest Loser,” the competitive weight-loss reality show, finds multiple ways to integrate products into the show, whether it’s where the contestants work out, which food they use in cooking, or “trainer tips” that mention specific brands.

The official sponsor of the show is Subway, which is mentioned throughout the show. Contestants are shown taking “field trips,”eating Subway sandwiches and learning about the sandwich’s nutritional content. Subway is even incorporated into the challenges; in one episode, contestants are given the task of coming up with their own Subway sandwich.

Other products that have been featured in the challenges and tips include 24 Hour Fitness Gyms, Ziploc, Progresso, and Extra sugar-free gum.

Photo: NBC | Subway | Facebook